School Days
pat,mary,sheila,ros 4th Row, 5th along from left
Pat, Mary, Sheila, Ros

Sheila, Mary and Ros with friends Celia, Noreen and Gill

Pat, Ros and Mary with friends Celia, Noreen and Gill

Staff 1962

The four girls arrived at St. Andrews via different routes. Ros and Sheila had attended the attached preparatory school. Pat travelled a long distance from the village of Brockham, it being the closest Catholic School. Mary had a sister 11 months younger who would be in the same academic year, so it was a family decision to send them to separate secondary schools, Mary choosing St. Andrews.

Ros, Sheila, Mary and Pat all have different memories of St. Andrew's, but all agree that it was very strict! None of the four recall their schooldays as a period of great happiness. Ros remembers that her experiences are coloured by reluctantly staying as a boarder, as her parents were often abroad.

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Mary recalls

"Do you remember the time that Mother Mary Philip measured the length of our skirts? It was the time when skirts were worn fasionably short, but NOT at the Convent! She made us kneel down on the ground, and measured the space between the bottom of our skirts and the ground. If there was more than an inch gap, she ripped the hems of the skirts down".

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