Sheila's Story

Sheila and Cliff Wedding 1968

Sheila and Children 1984

South of France 1980

Sheila and Cliff's Wedding Anniversary 1998

Proud Granny with Holly

1966, time to leave school. Need to earn some money, but how? ‘Editorial assistant wanted on weekly scientific journal’ – yes, that’ll suit me. And it did, because I’m still in the same line of work nearly 40 years on.

Around this time meet husband-to-be, Cliff. Definitely do not want to be what media describe as ‘teenage bride’. Get married on first Saturday after twentieth birthday. (My children now find this amazing – what, no travelling? no gap year? no uni?)

Have always rather envied friend Rosamund, one of four children. Happily, husband thinks along similar lines. By 1976 have a family of four, three girls and a boy, Nicola, Guy, Zoe and Shona.

Continue to do freelance work while looking after first two. When next two come along find that mothering is full-time occupation.

Move from maisonette with small balcony in suburbs to three-bedroomed rural semi – with scope.

1970s and 1980s: kids grow; we enjoy sunny camping holidays in France and less sunny ones in England.

We build extensions to our house to accommodate the family. Click here to view larger images

Mid-80s: go back to work part-time. Find that ‘hot metal’ printing has given way to phototypesetting. Before long, am expected to learn how to use a computer, oh dear!

Both of us very proud of our four children who all achieve honours degrees.

Early 1990s: move to ‘dream’ house – big, spacious, lots of land. Children leave home. Freedom! But father and father-in-law die soon after and we become responsible for mother and mother-in-law – hadn’t bargained on that! Then both of us made redundant; husband starts own company; I go self-employed and work from home.

Late 90s/early 00s: three of our children now married. Arrival of first granddaughter, a big delight

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