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Matthew and Susannah

Pat and David's Wedding

Susannah 2004

Matthew and Pat 2004


Sarah, Steve, Ellie and Ani May aged 18 hours!

I left St. Andrews aged 17, after one year in the 6th form. Desperate to escape the strict educational and family background I married my childhood sweetheart, Martin, at 19 and joined the "Swinging 60's" with a bang, enjoying my new found freedom and independence. I worked as a medical secretary commuting to London before settling down to family life on the South Coast.

I have two "children". Matthew was born in 1971 and Susannah in 1974. One of the happiest periods of my life was the heatwave summer of 1976, spending most of my time on the beach with my children. Martin and I were divorced in 1979. and my earlier acquired independent streak enabled me to pursue a career in healthcare management.

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For 10 years I managed Brambles, a respite care centre for people severely disabled with Multiple Sclerosis. Although this was very hard work, it was a very rewarding period of my life. I met many wonderful people, staff and residents. I also gained considerable management experience building up a Centre of Excellence. However, it was not an easy time, juggling a full-time career as well as looking after a family, especially two lively teenagers!

My independent "streak" has rubbed off on Matthew and Susannah. Susannah teaches English as a foreign language and has taught and lived in Japan. For the past 3 yars she has lived a little closer to home, in Barcelona. Matthew is also teaching English.He has been in Cambodia for the past 3 months and plans to stay for a year before returning to Europe. Great for holidays .........but not so good for hugs!!

In 1994 I married David. David has two girls, Gayle and Sarah. Sarah and Steve are married and we have two lovely grand-daughters, Ellie aged 2 and Ani May born on 17th May 2004!

In the late 1990's David retired from the Police Force and I decided to leave Brambles, to work part-time and realise one of my ambitions by studying for a University Degree. I enrolled at Sussex University to study part-time for a BA Hons. Degree in Cultural Studies. I am currently in Year 4 of a 6 year programme.

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