Past Times Station road Portslade
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The Crest:

1.Cornucopia: Horn of plenty.

2.Grapes: Health

3.Six Sussex Martlets

4. Oak Branch: Strength.


Lynne - Born and brought up in Portslade - says her Mum took her and her sister down Station Road to do the weekly food shop. 'Before out of town shopping was available you would do your food shopping in your local high street. We used to shop in Keymarkets which is no longer there. It has now been split into Superdrug and Sussex Stationers. As soon as I was born my Mum used to walk me in the pram down to Station Road. I was probably five or six before I remember going. Where Peacocks is now, there used to be a foodshop called Shoppers Paradise, which we used after Keymarkets closed down. Further up the road was a shoeshop called Freeman Hardy & Willis. I left my favourite Teddy in there, and my Mum had to go back and get it. It was sitting in a shoe box'.

She did not shop in Station road as a teenager for clothes. She went into Brighton Churchill Square before it was the 'Mall' that it is now. She still goes into Brighton or Hove for clothes.

As she is now married and works Part-time, she has gone back to shopping and browsing in Station Road. She walks down and shops in Sussex Stationers, Superdrug and Tesco, but her main food shopping is done out of town.

'Station Road is a good General Shopping Area with a good mix of food shops and individual trade shops, the furthest I walk down Station Road is to the post office which is just past Franklin Road'.

Pam has lived in Portslade from the age of two. She says (click here to hear Pam speak): 'Station Road was our main shopping area, we used to walk down there with Mum and go shopping. I remember a very good quality Men's suit shop where my Dad used to buy his suits. At the corner of Vale road there was a lending Library that we used quite a lot, then there was a wool shop which sold lots of things, I used to buy my wool in there as I did a lot of knitting in those days. Further down was Sainsbury's, with the stone floor and Marble counters. There was long lines of people everywhere. I remember the shop assistants patting butter with lines on them. Up the end was a pay desk that was really quite grand.

The Post Office was past Huckles on the right, then it moved to the left of the road, then back again. Past Franklin Road there were big old houses in Station Road, we used to go down past them, because North Road near the bottom used to be the main shopping Area. The houses have gone and shops are there now. The shopping area moved to the upper part of Station Road, because in the second world war, you were not allowed to go past Church Road, as there was barbed wire across the road, unless you lived there, then you were given a pass. I also remember a bomb falling on Bellmans'.

'Station Road became more popular as the town of portslade grew. People did not have cars so everyone walked to the shops. It was a very busy shopping area, everything was there. People made there own clothes in those days, so you did not need clothes shops, there was a drapers to buy material from. People could do all their shopping from the individual shops that were there. We used to go down on a friday night and carry all these bags home with my Mum'.

'We had a piano at home and I remember that there was a Music shop down the road that we bought sheet music from'.