Past Times Station road Portslade
Look inside for more about the History of Station Road Portslade Coat of Arms

The Crest:

1.Cornucopia: Horn of plenty.

2.Grapes: Health

3.Six Sussex Martlets

4. Oak Branch: Strength.


Before Station Road turned into a shopping area, it was a high class residential area. The residents were gradually moving out and businesses were slowly moving in.

There were Banks, Estate Agents, Solicitors, The Council Offices. New Buildings had been built to house: Boot Makers, Butchers, Confectionary, Cycle Engineers, Plumbers, Printing Works, Fishmongers, Grocers, Bakers and a Furniture Store.

By 1931/32 there had been many changes to Station Road. The shops that continued to stay were: The Post Office, The Rates Office, The Council Offices, Solicitors, Estate Agents, Fishmongers, Butchers, Bakers and the House Furnishing Store - Huckle Ltd.

Moving in were a Dentist, Undertakers, Ironmongers, Radio Shops and a chemist. The Confectioners changed hands regularly as did the ladies outfitters. Most of South Portslade was built up by the 1930's with Station Road becoming more Retail and less Residential. People were moving out of the town to live.

1970 saw more Estate Agents/Solicitors/Building societies moving into Station Road. There was more money around, people had better jobs and were better educated, to enable them to move up the property ladder. Vine & Lee were still there, so was Huckle Ltd. 1974 saw a cafe open in Station Road and Vine & Lee showrooms were empty. 1978 Vine & Lee had vacated their work shop at the back of their showroom. A big 'Tesco' Supermarket was going to be built there. Clarke's Bakery at No 34 had closed down, so the Alliance & Leicester Building Society was moving there. Huckle Ltd the Furnishers, next door still continued. 1986 started to bring card shops into station road along with Bookshops. Finally Huckle's left Station Road, and so Alliance & Leicester moved in thus extending their existing shop next door.