Past Times Station road Portslade
Look inside for more about the History of Station Road Portslade Coat of Arms

The Crest:

1.Cornucopia: Horn of plenty.

2.Grapes: Health

3.Six Sussex Martlets

4. Oak Branch: Strength.


The 'Railway Inn' Public House was built in the second half of the 19th Century. It has had many name changes since then, although with the continuety of the word 'Railway'. However it is now called 'The Whistlestop Inn', which also has a connection with the Railway.

The Public House 'Halfway House' was built at the bottom of Station Road years before Portslade was built up. It still stands to this day and has always kept the same name

Pam reminisced at how her Mum and Dad used to walk down to the 'Railway Inn' for the last knockings. That was the name known as the drink before time was called. Pam remembers that there used to be a snooker hall on the south side of the pub. In those days kids used to stand outside pubs, with a lemonade and a packet of crisps-the ones with the blue packet of salt in them. Today children are allowed in pubs.