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We began our partnership with the University of Joensuu in Karelia, Finland in 1997, and there was a real fascination in linking up with students in Finland's beautiful country in the dead of winter. One Finnish student started an E-mail conference with us by saying she only had ten minutes before going Christmas shopping. She signed off three hours later! We now hold regular conferences with Finland. Find out about it here.
Topics we discussed
Our first discussions covered paganism, the weather, ice sculptures, beer, 'Carry On' films, long dark nights ...Opposite, you can see links to some pages produced by 'Make Multimedia History' contributors in response to the topics we discussed.
How it began
Thanks to the Finnish Institute in London and the British Council in Finland for supporting our links with the University of Joensuu.
VIRTUAL DINNER Soon we'll be publishing what happened when we tried to swap recipes and cook simultaneously with the Finns. A conference with a difference.

'CARRY ON' FILMS. Some background information for our Finnish friends before a 'carry on' party in Brighton. Look and learn.

HURRICANE! High winds hit Selsey on the Isle of Wight during our first course. Credit to our local paper, the Evening Argus, for photos of the disaster.

We're always looking for new international correspondents to join the network. Particularly in Southern Europe. Get in touch.